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Stability? Pshaw!

Jurgen Klinsmann

I view Bayern Munich’s sacking of J├╝rgen Klinsmann in light of my previous post on stability. I don’t see how giving a new manager – and a first-time manager, at that – less than a season to prove he knows what he’s doing is fair to the manager or the fans. If the Bayern board were so unsure of Klinsmann’s managerial skill, why give him the job? I know the answer of course: he guided Germany to the semi-finals in the 2006 World Cup and people believed he was the next big thing, in terms of managers. Again, though, why sack him now?

To me, the decision smacks of impulsiveness and childishness.

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Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t show up in big games

Yeah, he royally fucked up the PK in the Champion’s League Final last year. Yeah, he dives too much for my liking. But today in Porto, he was an artist. He slashed in and out and around the defenders as if on skates. And, to make matters better, he came back on defense once in a while, too.

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