Today’s WTF moment: Wenger to Real Madrid

Arsene Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger was asked to comment on managing Real Madrid on the weekend. He said:

“With Florentino Pérez in charge, the project he has put forward would be ­interesting for any coach but I would prefer not to comment on this.”

That is, as the Guardian noted, the first time he’s never come out and said he’s committed to Arsenal. Very interesting. I’m inclined to believe, along with some others, that Wenger is posturing for a larger transfer kitty this summer. That, too, is interesting. In the past he hasn’t usually made a big deal about money, mostly because he’s content to buy infants in pursuit of the never-present “future.”

The change means, of course, that he might be listening to his prize recruit, Andrei Arshavin, who has recently declared that Arsenal need more “players like [him]”. Arshavin means, of course, players who are 27 or so. That is, players who have already developed a little and won’t crack under the pressure of European competition. Arshavin is, of course, correct in his analysis. When has Arsenal played its best since January? With him in the line-up. Granted, he’s a singularly talented player, but it can’t hurt to have a couple of more players like him, with similar experience, on the back line and in the middle of the pitch. Perhaps this vague shot across the bow of the Arsenal board is Wenger’s first signal that he’s ready to supplement his kiddie corps with some able veterans.


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