2009-10 Manchester United fixtures

Wayne Rooney (AP Photo/Martin Rickett/PA)

Wayne Rooney (AP Photo/Martin Rickett/PA)

The 2009-10 Barclays Premier League fixture list was announced today. For your viewing pleasure, here is the 2009-10 Manchester United fixture list (important dates bolded; all dates subject to change for European competition and TV):

15 Aug: Man Utd v Birmingham
18 Aug: Burnley v Man Utd
22 Aug: Wigan v Man Utd
29 Aug: Man Utd v Arsenal

12 Sep: Tottenham v Man Utd
19 Sep: Man Utd v Man City
26 Sep: Stoke v Man Utd

3 Oct: Man Utd v Sunderland
17 Oct: Man Utd v Bolton
24 Oct: Liverpool v Man Utd
31 Oct: Man Utd v Blackburn

7 Nov: Chelsea v Man Utd
21 Nov: Man Utd v Everton
28 Nov: Portsmouth v Man Utd

5 Dec: West Ham v Man Utd
12 Dec: Man Utd v Aston Villa
15 Dec: Man Utd v Wolverhampton
19 Dec: Fulham v Man Utd
26 Dec: Hull v Man Utd
28 Dec: Man Utd v Wigan

9 Jan: Birmingham v Man Utd
16 Jan: Man Utd v Burnley
26 Jan: Man Utd v Hull
30 Jan: Arsenal v Man Utd

6 Feb: Man Utd v Portsmouth
10 Feb: Aston Villa v Man Utd
20 Feb: Everton v Man Utd
27 Feb: Man Utd v West Ham

6 Mar: Wolverhampton v Man Utd
13 Mar: Man Utd v Fulham
20 Mar: Man Utd v Liverpool
27 Mar: Bolton v Man Utd

3 Apr: Man Utd v Chelsea
10 Apr: Blackburn v Man Utd
17 Apr: Man City v Man Utd
24 Apr: Man Utd v Tottenham

1 May: Sunderland v Man Utd
9 May: Man Utd v Stoke

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