Florentino Pérez and the European Super League

Florentino Perez (EFE/Angel Díaz)

Florentino Perez (EFE/Angel Díaz)

So, this comes from the Sun which usually means it’s only slightly more reliable than Sasha Baron Cohen showing up to your house and filming a serious documentary.

Now, if you can get past the xenophobia you can see that the author – Antony Kastrinakis – is sounding the death knell for European domestic leagues. Under the shrill alarmism, there is a small point: a European super league, involving the G14, that plays regular weekly games in the same format as the domestic leagues (i.e. home and away) could result in B-level teams for the domestic competition. Fortunately, I know something that Mr. Kastrinakis doesn’t: the European super league will never, ever come to fruition.

Why? Because the Champion’s League already exists and is a massive, massive cash cow for UEFA. Also, the brand is already worth a small country’s GDP.

Florentino Pérez can huff and puff all he wants but he won’t change the fact that the G14 super league is a pipe dream. I’m inclined to agree with an old post from The Offside: the Champion’s League rewards domestic play, which is how continental competition should work. And, even though the G14 would benefit enormously from a super league, domestic leagues would likely suffer (not to mention fans). But I’ll leave the economics to the experts.


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