Mickey Owen to Manchester United

Michael Owen to Manchester United (Getty Images)

Michael Owen to Manchester United (Getty Images)


Okay, this took me by surprise. First it was supposed to be Karim Benzema but it turned out to be the perma-injured Michael Owen. I can live with this but only for 2 reasons:

1. It pisses off Liverpool fans, which I’m always in favor of; and

2. He’s reasonably decent when he’s fit.

Of course, he’s joining for free, which means there’s still tons of cash availble from the Ronaldo transfer. So I’m holding out hope that David Silva joins the Red Devils.

So what about Owen? Well, he brings goals. As F365 showed, signing Owen is actually a reasonably decent idea. I agree.

Why? Because he knows he’s coming off the bench because he knows that, at this point, he’s proabably only good for about 20-25 matches; 30 at the outside. On the other hand, he’s behind two absolutely top-class strikers in Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov so he doesn’t have to carry the load. As others have shown, he’s still capable of a good strike ratio: about 1 goal every 3 games, which would be super. This is a no-risk signing for United.

It is also crucial to note that Rooney and Owen will likely never play together. It didn’t work for England and it’s not going to work for Manchester United. They will always be partnered with Berbatov or Macheda or Welbeck.

The only question remaining: what number will Owen wear? The cheeky choices are 7 or 32. He wore number 11 for Real Madrid, but that’s clearly unavailable on Manchester United. I suggest he take number 26 or number 31, both of which are good numbers.

UPDATE: 13 July 2009, 11:21 AM

Michael Owen will wear shirt number 7, the number worn by Ronaldo, Beckham, and George Best.


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