De Guzman to TFC?

Julian De Guzman (ISI Photos)

Julian De Guzman (ISI Photos)

The original blog post is a day old, but that’s not a problem. The news is potentially explosive: Julian De Guzman, defensive midfielder for La Liga side Deportivo La Coruña, has been offered a “big money” deal from Toronto FC. Now that’s what I call ambition.

The fan part of me is tremendously excited. The thought of De Guzman patrolling the middle of BMO Field more than a few times a year makes me very, very happy. The fact that it’s a short-term deal – perhaps, as outlined by Duane Rollins, as much as $4 million for a half season, which would allow him to go back to Europe in January – is not that much of a problem, though I wouldn’t want to see Mo Johnston blow things up for just a half season. Now, if it’s a 3- or 4-year contract, that’s different. Break the bank. Trade away some of the midfield depth for money and draft picks. And let’s see TFC march into the latter stages of the CONCACAF Champion’s League.

The rational part of me thinks this is a bluff. He’s entertaining the idea of going home but only as a last resort. A big money offer would be used a leverage to get himself a new deal somewhere in Europe, perhaps Holland or even Spain again. He’s a very good player with a good (from what I’ve read) reputation. I hope he’s not toying with TFC; I hope he’s seriously considering the offer and I hope he signs, even if it’s only for half a season.


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