Gold Cup 2009: Javier Aguirre goes mental

Javier Aguirre kicking Ricardo Philips

Javier Aguirre kicking Ricardo Philips

Take a good look at that picture. For those of you who didn’t see the game, the foot belongs to Mexican head coach Javier Aguirre. The leg belongs to Panamanian player Ricardo Philips. That, in a nutshell, is what’s wrong with Mexican soccer.

Let me explain.

The Federación Mexicana de Fútbol thinks its team is better than it is. That is why it hired and fired Sven-Gören Eriksson within 10 months. That is why its players are continually classless, especially when playing against the United States. That lack of class, which is a function of a lack of discipline and a lack of consequences, permeates Mexican soccer. Look at Rafael Márquez. When he plays for Barcelona, he is a world-class center back. When he plays for Mexico, he becomes a different player: dirtier, whinier, douchebaggier.

The FMF is under the impression that it’s 1979 and not 2009. It believes that it should qualify for the World Cup simply because it is Mexico. It is as if the entire soccer hierarchy has turned a blind eye to recent developments.

News flash: Mexico is not the best team in CONCACAF anymore; the United States is. The US has proved that over and over again (it has its own problems, but that’s not really the point here). Mexican players are whiny. They beg for calls and whine to the referee at every opportunity. They are classless, in that they never respect their opponents. They are imperious, in that they view every match against minnows – like tonight’s game against Panama – as beneath them. It serves them right that Panama tied them, 1-1.

The problem starts at the top. There is no accountability at the top of the FMF. There is no imagination in the coaching box; Javier Aguirre is certainly not going to inspire tactical brilliance. Despite their talent, Mexico appear to be a lot of disparate players not working toward one goal. Instead, they are working toward 22 individual goals.

It is my opinion that it would take a massive shock to the system to encourage changes. The FMF needs to be cleaned out and a proper coach needs to be hired. That is why I’m hoping Mexico misses the World Cup.


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