Begovic has created quite the soap opera

Asmir Begovic

Asmir Begovic

I like Asmir Begovic. I like the way he plays. I like what he’s done for Canada. I like that he’s young and will play internationally for a decade. Most of all, I like that he’s one Calamity James screw-up away from starting for a Premiership team.

So I was incredibly disheartened when I read that he had chosen to play for Bosnia, where his parents were born.

That was then and this is now: he has confirmed to Full-Time (a soccer radio show in Vancouver) that he intends to suit up for Canada. That makes me happy. In fact, it makes me overjoyed. I want to see Begovic in goal with a defense built around David Edgar and Will Johnson screaming down the wing. I want to know that Canada, which has some young talent, is doing all it can to keep that talent together and improve the team. Look at the Gold Cup squad: there is some young talent built around Julian De Guzman but it’s succeeding like the Canadian hockey team: with heart and hard work. That’s what I want to see.

So, to the CSA: get your act together and hire Stephen Hart permanently already. Let’s have some stability with a coach who actually knows something.


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