US-Mexico World Cup Qualifier unavailable in English

Clint Dempsey celebrates a goal v. Spain on 24 June 2009

Clint Dempsey celebrates a goal v. Spain on 24 June 2009

So Ives broke this story that Telemundo will air the 12 August World Cup Qualifier in Spanish (which is fine) but the kicker is that they also have the English broadcast rights (which strikes me as odd but whatever). So they’ll be broadcasting it on Mun2, which approximately 5 people get.

Apparently, ESPN has attempted to get the English rights but Telemundo is demanding too much money. I’m unsure why ESPN didn’t have the rights – they’ve broadcast all the other qualifiers this year in English – and I’m unsure why NBC, which owns Telemundo, doesn’t broadcast the game on one of their own English channels (i.e. NBC or USA) and score a ratings coup. I don’t think they’re that far-sighted. I guess they’d rather show shit like The Wanted.

I’m having trouble discerning ESPN’s gameplan here. I can see why they’re not paying extortionary rate but I can’t see why they wouldn’t be going above and beyond what they normally pay. This is a crucial match for the US. It’s probably the most important match this year. It seems like an odd time to get cheap, what with ESPN broadcasting the Confederations Cup and the World Football Challenge series of friendlies, and building momentum for soccer fans. Hell, they even bought Premiership rights to broadcast in England. So now they’re becoming tightwads? I don’t get it.


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