Saturday Night Links: Burn Notice edition

Because I’m watching the re-broadcast of Burn Notice, one of my favorite shows.

Gianfranco Zola is living in dreamland. He apparently thinks that (a) Mario Balotelli wants to play at West Ham; and (b) Mario Balotelli should play at West Ham. I don’t think he’s going to London.

Aliaksandr Hleb is going to Stuttgart, not Inter Milan. Go figure.

Xabi Alonso wants out of Liverpool and Rafa Benítez wants £28 million from Real Madrid. Which I guess is better than the £30 million he wanted last week. At this point, Real should just pay the extortion fee and move on. Alonso will never be worth £28-30 million but he will be worth £20 million to Real Madrid’s midfield. Meanwhile, Javier Mascherano wants to go to Barcelona. Which means Liverpool is capital-F Fucked.

Everton rejected an £18 million bid from City for Joleon Lescott. That’s a setback for the City building project.

Elsewhere, Rio Ferdinand is confident that the season ahead will be a good one, even after losing 1-0 to Bayern in some sort of tournament I hadn’t heard of until yesterday. I’m reasonably confident that the season ahead will be a good one. I’m interested in seeing how the rest of the summer plays out before making a call on that one.


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