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English FA boss opposes transfer limits

Ian Watmore, FA Chief

Ian Watmore, FA Chief

Well, there’s a shock, eh?

According to the AP, FA Chief Executive Ian Watmore opposes UEFA’s planned restrictions on club spending limits. Michel Platini wants to impose limits tied to club incomes in an effort to reign in spending, which drew Watmore’s ire. Even the EU is considering the possibility of a pan-European financial regulator for sport. In reality, the EU is probably the only body that can impose any sort of limit, given that UEFA’s member leagues are all over the continent.

I was very skeptical about FC Barcelona’s Joan Laporta’s idle salary cap speculation for a reason: I don’t see why the big clubs would go along with it. Now it’s apparent that the big leagues likely wouldn’t go along with it, either. I envision a minor war of words between UEFA and the big leagues (England, Spain, Italy) and then quietly fading. I honestly don’t see how a pan-European transfer cap/salary cap can work, given the existing laws.

Would the EU really re-write their laws for big-time soccer? I think that’s the next question.


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