Premiership Matchday 2: Manchester United 0-1 Burnley

Holy crap. I’ve spent the last two days in a state of shock but, in truth, Burnley deserved their win because they did what all teams are supposed to do: make their chances count. Manchester United failed to do that, thus losing the game.

So, what’s the fallout? Immediately: the media will howl and there will be much sturm und drang. Long-term: not a lot. Burnley got a win and 3 valuable points. Manchester United failed to beat a minnow, which could cost them if the title race comes down to 3 points or more. The best thing to do is accept what happened, resolve never to let it happen again, and move on. I realize that with everyone and their brother having an opinion (yes, I’m aware of the irony), that will be difficult. But my point is that this is the 2nd game in a 38-game season. Move on and keep winning.

Highlights (sorry about the annoying ads):



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2 responses to “Premiership Matchday 2: Manchester United 0-1 Burnley

  1. akbd

    United do tend to lose the occasional game to minnows.Add to that they have never been very good out of the blocks.No need to overreact over this

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