Chad Ochocinco: soccer player

Chad Ochocinco

Chad Ochocinco

In pre-season NFL game on 20 August 2009, Chad Ochocinco (neĆ© Johnson) morphed into a kicker. He booted a 61-yeard kickoff (which is as far Stephen Gostkowski, the Patriots All-Pro kicker, kicked his kickoff) and an extra point. Sure, as the great Peter King notes,”lots of NFL players can walk off the street and kick an extra point.” But how many can boot a kickoff that far?

The answer lies in Ochocinco’s background as a soccer player in Miami, FL. “Soccer’s my first love,” Ochocino said to King. “I only gave it up my freshman year in high school because it was time to get serious about football as a career.”

Imagine Ochocinco as a striker on the US National Team. He’s a bigger, more powerful Jozy Altidore. I don’t think Ochocino would have any trouble succeeding in Europe, even against the biggest and most talented center-backs.


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