Premiership Matchday 4: Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal

Wayne Rooney celebrates his penalty kick goal v. Arsenal (Getty Images)

Wayne Rooney celebrates his penalty kick goal v. Arsenal (Getty Images)

Boy, am I glad I decided to get Fox Soccer Channel today or else I would’ve missed a doozy of a match. It was today, at Old Trafford, that Manchester United came from behind to defeat Arsenal by a score of 2-1.

First things first: Andrei Arshavin’s goal was amazing. One of the best I’ve seen since Cristiano Ronaldo’s 40-yarder against Porto in last year’s Champion’s League. Arshavin really is living up to the hype he created at Euro 2008 and he’s proving to be one of Arsène Wnger’s best pick-ups. Ryan Giggs set up both of Red Devil goals. First, a beautiful pass led Wayne Rooney into the box where he was tripped up by Manuel Almunia and awarded a penalty kick. Rooney coolly slotted that kick home. The second goal was a Giggs corner that went in off an Arsenal defender. How embarrassing for him.

Now, the match was exciting. It had up and down action that reminded me of a hockey game; I can’t imagine how drained the midfielders were after it was all over; Arsenal dominated the first half while United dominated the second. If it wasn’t beautiful football it was very entertaining football. It illustrated perfectly why people will get up at an ungodly hour to watch the Premiership.

With all that said, the end was marred by 2 things:

1. There were 5 minutes of added time. How the hell did that happen?

2. Wenger was tossed after he kicked a water bottle in front of the Gunner bench. In my opinion, the kick affected nothing and simply indicated frustration (a goal had just been called back on an offside call [the call was correct]). It was unnecessary intervention by the Fourth Official.


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