Manchester United threaten Le Havre

And the Paul Pogba saga continues.

To recap: United signed French U-16 captain Paul Pogba this summer. Apparently, he is well-regarded in France so, naturally, United wanted him. But Alain Belsoeur, a Le Havre director, says he was stolen from the club (how someone steals a player, I don’t know, but that’s the word he used). He also says that United offered Pogba’s parents €100,000 each and a new house (presumably in Manchester).

Would United use its reputation to sign a player from France? Most definitely. The signing of 16 year olds (or, really, anyone under the age of 18) is highly suspicious in my book. It should probably be banned. However, under the current rules, United appear to have broken none.

Would United bribe a player’s parents to get him to sign? Not in a million years. I’d like to think there are still some ethical boundaries big soccer teams won’t cross.

In any event, this situation needs to be resolved, sooner rather than later.


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