Saturday Night Links: But it’s Tuesday edition

Bassett hound or Vicente del Bosque? (Getty Images)

Bassett hound or Vicente del Bosque? (Getty Images)

Fascinating article here by Phil Ball about the rise of the “guru” manager in Spain, perhaps because Spain has been more open to foreign influences. Well worth a read.

Robinho apparently wants to join Barcelona sometime in the near-ish future despite a good run of form with Manchester City. Of course, he is prone to disappearing for distressingly long periods of time and Los culés just signed a fella by the name of Zlatan Ibrahimović for about a bazillion euros. But let’s not let that get in the way of the fun.

The ultra-fascinating Paul Pogba saga continues. Now David Gill is saying that he never intimidated Le Havre and that they’re free to take whatever action they want. Everyone needs to take a step back and get the whole thing sorted out, sharpish.

Stateside, David Beckham’s quest to be chosen for England’s 2010 team in South Africa continues, with a hint at a Premiership return. I think that’s just hyperbole and he’s going back to AC Milan. But I’ve been wrong many, many times before.


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