Premiership Matchday 5: In which we all realize that Peter Crouch is ginormous

Anderson and Robbie Keane do battle (AP Photo/Tom Hevezi)

Anderson and Robbie Keane do battle (AP Photo/Tom Hevezi)

Yes, Peter Crouch is huge. He demonstrated that over and over again as he battled Nemanja Vidić in front of Ben Foster today as Manchester United beat Spurs 3-1 at White Hart Lane.

The Gangly One was a decidedly important player as he was a menace inside the box. In theory, he should have provided more space for Robbie Keane, who shifted to the wings, and Aaron Lennon, who used his speed to great effect when he didn’t fall into the black hole that apparently materialized and swallowed him for about 2/3 of the match. The main beneficiary was Jermain Defoe, who has been playing out of his mind lately. He scored an absolutely ridiculous bicycle kick goal less than a minute into the match. And who created that goal? The Gangly One, of course.

After that, it was downhill for Spurs. United bounced back and played rather well, except for the aforementioned Vidić and the red card earning Paul Scholes (while Ryan Giggs continues to be class, Scholes continues to show that he only plays because Sir Alex can’t bear to cut him). On the other hand, Wayne Rooney continued his stellar form and showed why England’s goal-scoring hopes (and United’s, for that matter) revolve around him and will revolve around him for the next few years. He had two excellent runs, one of which produced another goal. Giggs and Anderson, who scored his first-ever goal for the Red Devils, rounded out the scoreline.

What can we take from this match? First, United ruined Tottenham’s great start by handing them their first loss of the new season. Second, Peter Crouch is quite useful and he would have a place on my team, as long as I wasn’t managing one of the Big Four. Third, Wayne Rooney, when he’s not blowing his top, is incredible to watch right now; F365 have validated my opinion on that score. Fourth, Rio Ferdinand is a calming influence and ensured that none of Vidić’s mistakes haunted Foster or Sir Alex.

United are a different team now, without Cristiano Ronaldo, but I can see hints of what’s to come. The big match is next week when the Manchester derby takes on a whole new significance.


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