Hargreaves on his way back… allegedly

Owen Hargreaves

Owen Hargreaves

In contrast to Ryan Giggs, who refuses to stop playing, Owen Hargreaves hasn’t been on the pitch in over a year. But that could change in the next month. The big news is that he’s back in Manchester training with the team after spending a good chunk of the last year in the US being treated by a renowned knee surgeon.

I hope the unlucky bugger has a smooth return because the one thing United are lacking is a midfield pitbull. While they have had a good start to the season, Hargreaves would be a nice addition, even if he doesn’t play every game (I can’t imagine Sir Alex rushing him back and playing him more than part-time for the rest of the season).

From United’s official site:

Owen Hargreaves returned to Manchester this week, and United’s physiotherapists are assessing at what stage he is at in his recovery from double knee surgery to cure the tendonitis that has cursed his Reds career.

The good news is that, after more than a year on the sidelines, the 28-year-old midfielder is tantalisingly close to a comeback.

He will not be rushed, however, and the physio he has worked with during his rehabilitation in America has joined him at the Reds’ training headquarters at Carrington, as United’s medical staff look to ease him back into training.

“He’s back, and hopefully the boy gets a break and continues his progress without any mishaps,” Sir Alex said on Friday.

“He’s been out for a long time, but he has the resilience to see it through. It’ll take about four weeks to get back into the rhythm of training and to the point where we can consider him for match play.

“The physio he’s been working with in the States has come to England with him. He’ll stay for a week for the change over working with our physios. They’re discussing what stage Owen is at.”

A smooth return for Hargreaves is nothing more than he deserves after a torrid time out, and his return would be a major boon for the Reds. “The good thing is that he is young enough to come back from an injury like this,” added the boss.

Thoughts? Concerns?


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One response to “Hargreaves on his way back… allegedly

  1. I for one am hoping that Hargreaves comes back and works his way into the team quickly. i like the versatility he can provide (think right midfield in the 2008 Champions League Final vs. Chelsea). Plus he would help out the Man Utd center midfield and provide a few more options. i’m hoping he isn’t like saha with constant setbacks to stunt his exceptional talent.

    Number 10

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