Premiership Matchday 7: Manchester United 2-0 Stoke

Dimitar Berbatov scores v. Stoke (Getty Images)

Dimitar Berbatov scores v. Stoke (Getty Images)

Ryan Giggs, the subject of my ode a few a days ago, put in another excellent performance today as United beat Stoke by a score of 2-0. Giggs, the ageless wonder, set up both goals, scored by John O’Shea and Dimitar Berbatov (who deserved that after missing about 9 great chances last week).

I suppose the storyline should be Giggs, again, but it’s more likely going to be Nani’s continuing struggles. After a promising first year in 2007, he appears to be treading water rather than moving forward. To be fair, he played well in a couple of games earlier this season, even potting a goal. But it’s his lack of consistency that bothers me (and F365, for that matter). I admire his confidence – saying that he’s the natural replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo – but I don’t think he has the skill to pull that off. What Sir Alex needs to do is go find a Giggs clone either in January or next summer. Or he could just clone Giggs himself since I’m reasonably certain he can play for another 20 years, until his clone is ready to step in. But that’s an issue for another day.

What’s important about today is that United kept rolling and are now at the top of the table, after Chelsea’s shocking loss to Wigan.


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