Carrick scores the winnner… wha?

Michael Carrick celebrates his goal v. Wolfsburg (Getty Images)

Michael Carrick celebrates his goal v. Wolfsburg (Getty Images)

So I’ve started to expect very little from Michael Carrick and, in fact, I can’t remember the last time I saw him play. So, to have him play AND score the winning goal? Dayum.

Of course, Carrick scoring a goal isn’t entirely unexpected since he has scored reasonably often in the past. It’s just that he’s having a completely miserable season so far. Perhaps this will be the spark to ignite his fire, so to speak.

In many ways, Carrick, Nani, and Antonio Valencia (he of the 3 goals last year and yes, he’s expected to replace CRonaldo’s 70-something over the last two years) have been the yang to Ryan Giggs’s yin. According to, some United fans have been agitating for Giggs to be knighted. Where’s the petition? I’ll sign it twice. But I digress. Giggs, once again, fueled United’s fire by scoring his 150th goal in a Red Devil jersey. That’s incredible. Carrick, Nani and Valencia need to sit down with an assistant coach and watch the build-up to each on, just to see what Giggs does and what they don’t.

I am impressed by United’s win. I rate Wolfsburg highly and expected a difficult match. I was worried about their goal-scoring machines Eden Dzeko and Grafite. This was an important match to win in terms of the Champion’s League. Perhaps more importantly, it kept United rolling in all competitions. Once again, thanks to Giggs.



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2 responses to “Carrick scores the winnner… wha?

  1. very truly written. I actually thought Carrick would barely get any playing time now but he started a Champions League game and scored in that as well. Hope his season goes uphill now and he gives Sir Alex a selection dilemma. A good win to have overall and a chance to secure 10 points over the next two games against CSKA Moscow.

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