Premiership Matchday 8: Manchester United 2-2 Sunderland

Anton Ferdinand is all depressed about his OG (Getty Images)

Anton Ferdinand is all depressed about his OG (Getty Images)

What in the name of George Best happened at Old Trafford? A 2-2 draw with Sunderland? Seriously? And it took an Anton Ferdinand OG to accomplish this? I’m speechless.

I suppose every team has a bad game and this was United’s. I’m not terribly worried, of course, though it does drop Giggs, Rooney, et al. two points back of Chelsea, who are really rather good. Making up those two points is going to be difficult. But there’s lots of time.

The best part came afterward when Sir Alex went off about how the referee was unfit. I think that’s hilarious on one level (it’s likely true) and depressing on another (he’s likely world’s fitter than I am). I’ll focus on that because the part about the ref not adding any time after the goal can be construed as karma for the Manchester derby game a couple of weeks ago. If this is the worst he has to go through, that’s great.

That aside, I don’t really view this as a catastrophe; I think it’s more of a setback. Foster’s poor play was not really shock given his up-and-down nature. Scholes is really showing his age now so he probably shouldn’t start any more important games. I did like that Berbatov scored again, despite his ridiculous hair.

All in all, I think we should just move on from this game ASAP.


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