Saturday Night Links: No name edition

I’m glad The Limey, over at SI, has jumped on the Ryan Giggs bandwagon. That makes me happy. The best part is Sir Alex’s quote: “It is not a matter of him defying his age. It is more a case that there is no discernible deterioration in his game at all. It is remarkable.”

Sad news about the upcoming US World Cup Qualifier against Honduras on 14 October: apparently there will be no national converage, only, for some reason, closed-circuit television. How can this happen? How can FIFA let this happen? Why isn’t there a standard package for World Cup Qualifiers for a given country. For example, FSC and ESPN would bid on that package here in the US for the English-language rights. Perhaps the Spanish-langauge rights could be separate. Whatever. This needs to be fixed because every single World Cup Qualifying match should be on TV.

Potentially massive problems at Portsmouth: apparently, the team can’t make payroll and had to take out an emergency loan from what I can only assume was a shady character (since he doesn’t run a bank or anything). So who’s to blame for all that? According to F365, everyone involved. I can live with that analysis.


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