New international kits: Cameroon and Ivory Coast

Just found these. Both Cameroon and Ivory Coast have new kits for their World Cup Qualifiers.

Cameroon's 2009-10 WCQ kit

Cameroon's 2009-10 WCQ kits

I think both of these are very good, especially the colors. I’m not a big fan of the odd red stripes on the away kit, but it’s still a good job. Though they could use more emphasis on one of the better international nicknames: the Indomitable Lions.

Ivory Coast 2009-10 World Cup Qualifier kits

Ivory Coast 2009-10 WCQ kits

There are a distressing number of similarities between the Ivory Coast kits and the Cameroon kits, but that’s because manufacturers have taken templates to a whole ‘nother level. Is it really that hard to make an effort to be unique? The home kits are nearly identical with the Ivory Coast shoulder featuring an elephant instead of a lion and the federation badge moved to the other side. I suppose that’s something. Though I appreciate the elegant simplicity. I like Ivory Coast’s away kit, as well, though the horizontal stripes suddenly ending are just as jarring as the vertical stripes ending on the Cameroon kit. Oh, well.

Overall, I’d rate them good, though a little boring, kits.


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