World Cup Qualifier: USA 2-2 Costa Rica

Celebrating Jonathan Bornstein's goal (Getty Images)

Celebrating Jonathan Bornstein's goal (Getty Images)

Jonathan Bornstein.

Let that sink in for a second. Jonathan Bornstein.

It was Bornstein who rushed the box and put José Francisco Torres’s corner kick into the back of the Costa Rican net. The keeper, K Navas, who had played so well all night long, was helpless. Bornstein was unmarked.

It wasn’t a great game by any stretch. There were long stretches of US dominance; the Ticos’ bacon was saved by their keeper, who was a punching fool (though that was tremendously effective). In reality, Costa Rica’s goals came from two great plays by Bryan Ruiz in a span of 3 minutes. That was it. The rest of the match was Costa Rica hanging on for dear life.

The Ticos handled the US pressure for 85 minutes. And then they imploded. Their manager and assistant manager were sent off for delay of game. They looked confused at the end of the match and everything became so wide open that the US got a ton of open space. That cost the Ticos dearly.

“Char-lie Dav-ies!”

Number 9’s presence was visible throughout the match. Not only in the 9th minute, when the fans stood and saluted for the entire minute, but everywhere, including through Jozy Altidore’s jersey on a rainy night (he had a shirt underneath that read DAVIES 9). I hope Davies got a chance to see that from his hospital bed.

Other CONCACAF notes…

Mexico finishes second in the group after drawing with Trinidad and Tobago. Costa Rica will play Uruguay in a playoff next month to determine who will get the final spot from the Americas.


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