On Iain Hume

Iain Hume (Ian Hodgson)

Iain Hume (Ian Hodgson)

There’s an excellent article here about Canadian international Iain Hume and his recovery from a horrific head injury. I’m really not sure what to write because while there are lessons to be learned here – the instigator, Chris Morgan, was hardly punished at all and an example probably needed to be made of him – the point really is to show how Hume has recovered and the outlook he’s taken toward his recovery. Thus, while he has some anger toward Morgan, he has, for the most part, adopted a live and let live attitude. He comes across as a humble guy who realizes his gifts – to play soccer for a living – and is grateful for them. And he’s right when he says the FA need to take care of all players, not just those in the Premiership.

I remember when I was younger and Hume was lauded in the Canadian press as the great hope for Canada’s national team. Obviously that hasn’t quite worked out – yet. It’s worth it to remember that he’s only 25 and he’s proven to be quite the goalscorer in England and Scotland, which puts him miles ahead of other Canadian strikers. The upshot is that there’s still time for him to make a splash on the international scene, if only the CSA would remove its head from its own ass and hire a decent coach already. With Asmir Begovic, David Edgar, Will Johnson, Julian de Guzman, Dwayne De Rosario, and Iain Hume, Canada has the makings of a decent team. But I digress.

Hume seems to be a true professional: hard-working and grateful for his gifts. I guess my point is that his story should be told and he should be held up as an example for Canadian kids to follow.


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