Premiership Matchday 9: Manchester United 2-1 Bolton

Zat Knight's own goal (Getty Images)

Zat Knight's own goal (Getty Images)

Although I’m not overly concerned with the trend – as Gary Megson said, “The point is words that people are using are ‘almost’, ‘nearly’ and ‘might have’, the fact is, they haven’t” – the fact is that it is annoying. The trend is needing last-minute goals to win, especially at Old Trafford.

That is not to say that was the case today. In fact, United got off to a 2-0 lead before allowing Matthew Taylor’s goal in the 75th minute, which made me happy. A bit of luck in the form of Zat Knight’s own goal in the 5th minute set the stage. Even though it’s better to be lucky than good, one cannot rely on luck all the time. And United have had good luck this season getting crucial goals.

That luck is bound to turn as Fortuna is a fickle one. In fact, it might already be turning what with the injuries mounting. But I shan’t despair. The fact is that Chelsea lost again today and United are at the top of the table, even if it is by one measly point. United need those points because Chelsea isn’t going lose many other matches this season. So ride the luck now but keep plugging away. Luis Antonio Valencia opened his goal-scoring account today, and not a moment too soon.


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