Premiership Matchday 11: Manchester United 2-0 Blackburn

berbatov goal

Dimitar Berbatov scoring

After a match versus Liverpool in which Manchester United played distinctly average, it was nice to see the team outplay Blackburn. Even if it was only Blackburn.

The high points were, of course, the goals by Dimitar Berbatov (in the 55th minute, breaking what seemed like a decades-long streak of sending balls just wide of the goal) and Wayne Rooney (in the 57th minute; damn, he’s playing well this season). Of course, Antonio Valencia had to inherit Berbatov’s streak of not scoring. But that’s to be expected since he’s more about pace than scoring.

In any event, the ship is righted after some turbulence at Anfield to keep the pressure on Chelsea. To state the obvious, what really matters is points accumulation. That’s why the Liverpool result was disheartening: a draw would have been so much better.

That theory goes back to Cristiano Ronaldo’s time at Old Trafford: he always put the little fish away, which counts for more than people think. To top Chelsea, a team I think is very, very good, United need to every point possible. Thus they have to beat the smaller teams – like Blackburn – and get as many points as possible from the Big Four matches. Losses are pretty much unaccceptable at this point (in Big Four games). Perhaps I’m putting too much stock in this. Guess we’ll see in 6 months.


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