Carlos Tévez might retire

carlos tevez (getty)

Captain Caveman looking particularly caveman-ish (Getty Images)

Or so he says, if Argentina win the World Cup (good news for him: they won in my Football Manager 09 game).

From Captain Caveman hizownself:

“It’s complicated, there’s my family, the desire to return to Boca Juniors, but I think about it. It crosses my mind to hang up my boots if we win the World Cup, although I have a contract (with Manchester City) until 2014. “I’m a bit tired of so much football, so much football. I want to enjoy my family a bit. I’m very keen to stop and get a bit of calm. I’ve already won a lot. Living for football has saturated me.”

I’m starting to think Tévez might be a bit needy. Like that girlfriend you had that asked, after you spent the day together, “Why don’t you pay attention to me?” You think that might be why he left United? Because Sir Alex didn’t cater to his need for attention?


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