Philadelphia Union show off new jersey

At a press conference, the Philadelphia Union revealed their new home jersey. I assume the away version will follow sometime in the near-ish future. Anyway, here it is:

Philadelphia Union home jersey

Overall, I like the shirt. It’s got nice, solid colors and there’s no crazy weird designs. The colors work together, too, which is an underrated part of how jerseys work. I haven’t seen the shorts but I assume they’ll be just as good.

Speculation in the internets has now turned to the shirt sponsor. I’ve read Panasonic, which seems like wishful thinking but might happen. I’ve also read some people hoping for Lincoln Financial to sponsor them (apparently they’re from the Philly area and they sponsor the Eagles’ stadium). There seems to be a small groundswell for someone local though I don’t think that’s an absolute necessity, esp. if they offer less money. No matter how local the team wants to be, they won’t sacrifice money.

Anyway, I like the shirt. Hopefully they don’t screw up the away shirt (I predict it will be white, which is pretty hard to screw up).


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