UPDATE: No replay for France v. Ireland

Because FIFA said so. And that happened even though Thierry Henry said it would be the fairest solution.

Arsène Wenger chimed in, as well, noting that the referee should have asked for help:

“For two reasons; first of all Henry didn’t celebrate at the start, that gives an indication to the referee, but spontaneously 11 Irish players came to see the referee. That doesn’t happen if it’s not something obvious. You have two, three or four but not 11 and that convinced him to go and see the linesman as well and say ‘Listen, I didn’t see what happened, can you help me?'”

That, to me, is what makes a great referee great: the ability to ask for help. A great referee needs to realize that he can’t see everything. After, assistant referees are there for a reason: to help you out. With all that said, there is no way that referee Martin Hansson can be anything but the goat. Too bad FIFA won’t do anything about it.


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