Premiership Matchday 13: Manchester United 3-0 Everton

Darren Fletcher's wonder goal v. Everton (Getty Images)

I’m going to keep this brief: Manchester United dominated Everton today at Old Trafford. From the kickoff, United dominated possession and kept the pressure on the Everton back four. A good number of chances were created even before Darren Fletcher’s excellent goal in the 35th minute. I’ll digress for a second for some illustrative superlatives: it was an amazing, impressive, shockingly good goal. Darren, I didn’t know you had it in you. I am impressed by both the goal and his form this season. Back on point. Everton came out somewhat better in the second half but Michael Carrick’s (him again!) goal in the 67th minute sealed the victory. Antonio Valencia’s goal in the 76th minutes – bouncing in off the unlucky Leighton Baines – was icing on the cake.

Good teams have short memories. In this case, the fact that the defeat at Chelsea’s hands happened 2 weeks ago probably had a lot to do with it. The Fox Soccer Channel announcers made a good point: last year at this time, United lost to Arsenal and then proceeded to go on a 16-match unbeaten run. Perhaps United will round into form now after looking ragged for two or three weeks before the international break.

We’ll see. But for now, I’ll enjoy the win.


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