My World Cup draw

Inspired by John Nicholson and the real World Cup draw tomorrow, I’ve decided to conduct my own unseeded draw. Why? Because it’s more fun that way and Nicholson has a point: the group stage is where it’s at and we should have awesome matches (or, perhaps I should say awesomer matches) then. Forget about trying to engineer a round of 16 match-up between world powers. Let’s see them play. And, honestly, who doesn’t want to see France dismantled on the first day?

Herewith, my unseeded draw:

Group A: Algeria, Australia, Honduras, USA

Group B: Chile, Japan, North Korea, Portugal

Group C: Argentina, Denmark, England, Mexico

Group D: Germany, Paraguay, Slovakia, Uruguay

Group E: Greece, Holland, Ivory Coast, South Africa

Group F: Ghana, New Zealand, Serbia, South Korea

Group G: Brazil, France, Italy, Slovenia

Group H: Cameroon, Nigeria, Spain, Switzerland

There are two groups of death: Group C and Group G; I feel really bad for Slovenia. Groups D and E are pretty tough, as well. In this draw, South Africa has a really good chance of becoming the first host not to escape the group stage.

The real draw is Friday, December 4 at 12pm EST on ESPN2. Check it out.


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