World Cup 2010: Group D jerseys

On to Group D, which is a very colorful group of home jerseys.

Australia home jersey in the 2010 World Cup

Australia goes to South Africa in its traditional gold and green shirt. I’m not sure about the green shoulder pads but the simplicity is to be admired. It seems as though Nike is looking to simplify things with only a few strong lines in its jerseys (Brazil is an exception, but I’ll get to them later). Australia’s shirt works, for the most part, shoulder pads aside.

Germany home jersey for the 2010 World Cup

Germany’s home jersey is very, very traditional. There’s really nothing wrong with it, though the one stripe is somewhat interesting. Perhaps the one stripe is Adidas’s desperation move for at least one piece of flair. Fortunately, the German tradition means that Adidas can’t screw with them.

Ghana away jersey for the 2010 World Cup

Just to switch things up, I’m posting Ghana’s away jersey for the World Cup (the home jersey is white and very uninspired). I like Ghana’s away shirt (by Puma) even though it’s the same template as Algeria’s shirt (though without the awesome Desert Fox on the shoulder). In this case, the shoulder is empty but the red and gold stripes more than make up for it. I like the color scheme and think it will look fantastic on the pitch.

Serbia home jersey for the 2010 World Cup

This shirt vaguely recalls England’s from a few years ago, when it had a stylized Cross of St. George on the shoulder. In this case, the cross is off-centre and, once again, demonstrates Nike’s renewed commitment to clean lines. For that, the company should be commended. But back to Serbia. I like the colors and I like how the FA’s patch reflects the shirt’s design. I think that’s a rather subtle addition that gives the shirt some more character.

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