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British tabloids weigh in on Green

Robert Green watches the ball cross the line, helplessly (Getty Images)

Predictably, the British tabloids freaked out about Robert Green’s monumental error that allowed Clint Dempsey to score. While I think it’s funny – especially since British journalists have a long history of overreacting to national team ups and downs – I feel bad for Green. Hopefully he’ll recover.


“Stars and Tripe,” said the News of the World. “Cock-up keeper Green wrecks dream start.” That tabloid also used the headline “Hand of Clod.”

The Sunday Mirror led with “Tainted Glove” (which is really quite clever) and also had “Worst Howler Ever” in its pages (I think that distinction is up for debate).

The People tried to be creative with “Blunder Pressure” and wrote that “England’s goalkeeper curse struck again.”

The Mail on Sunday declared “Calamity!” (which, incidentally, is why David James should absolutely not play).

Don Fabio will have to make a hard decision before the next match. Like Mike Babcock for the Canadian Olympic hockey team, he should suck it up and replace the keeper (Babcock replaced one of the top 3 goalies of all time without flinching; Green is hardly in that class). England’s replacement should be Joe Hart.

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