This is getting ridiculous

Those cursed vuvuzelas

Really? The BBC is going to filter the vuvuzela sound? The only downside is that the filters also catch the rest of the stadium’s noise, like cheers, chants, whistles, and player complaints. Some players complained about the noise, saying they couldn’t communicate on the pitch, but FIFA General Secretary Sepp Blatter has refused to ban them, citing “tradition.”

Watching on television, I didn’t find them that annoying last year during the Confederations Cup and I don’t find them that annoying this year. The players might have a legitimate complaint about communication, but I find it difficult to believe that what they have to say is so crucially important that they can’t yell it down the line, like they do in every other stadium in the world. In my opinion, the vuvuzelas add to the atmosphere and if people don’t like them, they can wear ear plugs.

The vuvuzelas are here to stay. Stop whining and play the games.


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