Entire France team suspended

France and Bordeaux manager Laurent Blanc

Well, “suspended” is a term loosely used here. New France coach Laurent Blanc will not pick any of the 23 players from the World Cup for the next friendly against Norway on 11 August. It’s something that needed to be done and I didn’t think, in a million years, that he would do it.

After the squad’s mutiny in defense of monumental douchebag Nicolas Anelka, it had to be done. Patrice Evra was a poor choice as captain and his willingness to stage (lead?) a wildcat strike shows that. I can understand wanting to defend your teammate but, at the same time, it’s not like Anelka is a symbol of stability. Evra would have been better off talking to the squad behind closed doors rather than making everything private. Of course, there’s just something so very French about a petulant mass walkout. (This does not absolve the French Football Federation of blame for going to the World Cup with a terrible coach in Raymond Domenech, just to be clear.)

What’s the impact going to be? A couple of world-class players will miss out on 1 cap. Evra will likely be stripped of his captaincy and, if I were in charge, frozen out for a while. That’s about it, unless Blanc is a lot bolder than I think he is.

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