Where’s Özil going?

Mesut Özil during the 2010 World Cup

In general, I’m willing to let Sir Alex Ferguson do what he will when it comes to transfers. With a few exceptions, he generally makes the right call (a bad transfer is, for example, allowing Gerard Piqué to go to Barcelona). However, I think anyone who called themselves a fan of United needs to call for a bid for German playmaker Mesut Özil. Especially since Barcelona apparently registered a bid between €12 and 15 million (and, apparently, it was accepted though I can’t find any confirmation of either the bid or the acceptance). Fergie needs to trump that with a bid in the range of £14-16 million.

I get that Ferguson is pleased with his squad. I am, too: it’s a good squad that thoroughly handled Chelsea in the Community Shield. But there are weaknesses, mainly at central defense and in the midfield. While I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the former, I do know that the latter can be fixed (along with the curious reliance on the aging in dog years Paul Scholes) with Mesut Özil.

Sure, Özil is the flavor of the month but his track record (13 goals in 95 appearances for Werder Bremen and steady improvement during Germany’s run during the World Cup) speaks for itself. He can help United now and in the future. He’s not quite a finished product, but he fits the profile of Fergie’s recent additions, and will definitely improve.

Let’s not let him go to Chelsea or, worse, Barcelona (where he would sit on the bench; if I was him, I wouldn’t go there. But that’s just me).


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