TFC cleans house

Mo Johnston, former Director of Soccer (CP/Chris Young)

The final nail in the coffin was a loss to the league’s worst team. It’s not really a surprise that Toronto FC lost to DC United, but the way it lost. United outclassed a team it had no business beating.

High expectations and low results were the hallmarks of Director of Soccer Mo Johnston’s 4-year stint at TFC. Given all the resources TFC provided – especially money and a rabid fan-base – Johnston could not build a winner. Perhaps the reason is as simple as his inability to make a plan and stick with it. He traded players days after acquiring them. He cut players left and right. On the other hand, Nick Garcia is inexplicably still employed. I’m flummoxed.

Preki came to Toronto with a reputation for making lemonade out of lemons. He got a hard-working Chivas USA team to the playoffs multiple times using hard work rather than star power. But he had to go, for a couple of reasons. First, there are reports that his tough guy act had worn thin. Second, and more important, he was Johnston’s pick. Whoever the new Director of Soccer is, he’ll want to bring in his own coach.

Until then, Nick Dasovic gets the thankless task of trying to reorganize the team. I wish him well, but I can’t see how he’ll be around next season. Whoever the new Director of Soccer is needs to develop a plan, stick with it, and clean house. TFC fans deserve a good team.


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