United target De Gea?

Sir Alex Ferguson

Apparently, Sir Alex Ferguson is targeting Atlético Madrid keeper David De Gea as the long-term replacement for Edwin van der Sar. He could do worse, of course. He could have Manuel Almunia.

There are snags in the plan (or whatever this is; gossip and/or speculation are probably the best words): the first is that De Gea will reportedly cost around £12 million and it’s unclear exactly how much money Sir Alex has to spend. The second is that the man (boy?) himself said that he’s going to remain at Atlético. The second is mere window-dressing. It’s the first that matters.

The gossip brings about questions regarding United’s current transfer policy, in that the club doesn’t seem to have one. There are obvious weaknesses: central defense, central midfield, and wings in addition to back-up keeper. There were plenty of targets over the summer – Mesut Özil would have been an excellent (and cheap) addition – but Sir Alex didn’t pull the trigger. Perhaps he couldn’t because his hands were tied, financially speaking. I doubt that, because he scrounged up £7 million or so to spend on Portuguese striker Bebé in addition to the £20-odd million spend on Javier Hernández and Chris Smalling. I daresay he could have spent £16 million on Özil.

Which brings us back to the start: what’s the plan? Is Sir Alex being obstinate, like Arsène Wenger? Wenger continues to think that he doesn’t need a keeper, which is foolish. Similarly, Sir Alex has unending faith in Rio Ferdinand, Owen Hargreaves, Michael Carrick, Nani, Anderson, et al. Except that all of them are either perma-crocked or not up to the task of playing at the highest levels (although Nani has shown flashes of brilliance, I think he should be off-loaded ASAP; someone will pay based on his potential). Sir Alex used to be ruthless. He used to get rid of players as they proved they were unworthy. I realize that it’s hard, but sometimes you need to admit you were wrong.

United need to add players because, sooner or later, it’s lack of skill and depth will come back to haunt them.


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