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Saturday Night Links: Replace Ronaldo with 3 players?

According to this espn.com Soccernet post, Sir Alex may have to bring in 3 players to replace Cristiano Ronaldo’s production. Dale Johnson makes a good point in that Ronaldo habitually put the lesser lights in the Premiership to the sword. Though I disagree with his conclusion that Ribéry is an absolute necessity. Bringing in David Silva and Karim Benzema would be the best move, IMO.

F365 listed its 10 transfers it wants to see this summer. It looks like number 1 might just come true after today’s news that Tévez has rejected Man Utd. And I’ll admit that it would be funny to see the Neviller jump up and down like Rumpelstiltskin and Rooney cry. Though I don’t think it’ll happen.

Nick Miller at F365 writes here that losing Tévez was a blessing in disguise for Man Utd. I agree.


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