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Milan confirm Becks return

David Beckham in Milan

David Beckham in Milan

Well, that’s settled. Yippee-ki-yay. AC Milan have confirmed that David Beckham will return to the San Siro in January.

Sarcasm aside, good for him (it’s likely well-known that I actually like Beckham the football player, limited as he is. Perhaps it’s the Canadian in me and I appreciate his heart and the fact that he’ll play on 1 good leg for his country. That’s admirable, even with the underwear ads and other extracurricular stuff. But I digress.) and I hope he makes the 2010 World Cup team for England.

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David Beckham challenges the fans

I like David Beckham. I think he’s the classic effort player. He has one extraordinary skill – free kick taking – and gets by on guts and fitness. He’s loyal to a fault, especially to England, for whom he wants to play one more time in 2010 in South Africa. I’m not justifying his actions toward Los Angeles and I think fans have the right to say things about actions on the field, within reason. I’ve no idea if fans went overboard though I do know that both the fans and Beckham come off looking terrible here.

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